I would like to introduce you to Flint Michigan’s first premier Odor Removal Service. It’s called the Just Gone Systems™. A system that guarantees Complete Odor Removal in your home, apartment, business or vehicle. This is a new division of my carpet and upholstery cleaning company Absolute ProCare. My guarantee is simple and to the point: If the odor is not completely eliminated, you don’t pay one red cent! Being in the carpet cleaning industry for over 15 years I’ve tried quite a few different methods for removing smoke odors. From fogging an oil based chemical to ozone, these methods can be useful but can take a long time and quite often are not effective at complete odor removal. It is simply not good enough to reduce the odor. It has to be Just Gone! After a lot of research I decided to add this new service to my company. I am confident that this system will be THE answer to your smoke odor issues.

Are you a car dealer or owner of a vehicle that contains smoke odor? If you are located in Flint MI or the surrounding area, call Absolute ProCare at (810) 355-2293. We will come to your dealership or home and using the Just Gone Systems™ your smoke odor will be removed completely! The Just Gone Systems utilizes a special treatment that will reach into every crack and crevice of your car. No smoke odor can hide from this 100% safe treatment. This unique system completely eliminates the odor in less than 60 minutes. I cannot stress this enough, our service is guaranteed. If the odor is not completely removed you do not pay. In certain situations for extreme smoke odors, a second treatment may be needed. A few times I have encountered a situation where the owner or dealer has tried these aerosol “bombs”. They go to their local Wal-Mart or auto supply store and purchase these canisters and set them off. Only to be discouraged a day or two later. They may have improved on the smoke odor but not completely removed it. They call Absolute ProCare for our Just Gone method. After setting up the vehicle (there’s a certain procedure to prepare before the treatment is started), I then begin. 45 minutes later it appears to be a success. Only to find out 2-3 days later there’s still a lingering smoke odor. What has happened is this system eliminates all odors and it can actually remove them in steps. So the first step was removing the “odor bomb” odor. Now that that’s out of the way a 2nd treatment might be needed to go after the actual smoke odor.

The process is simple. After the car interior is completely cleaned and wiped down, we start the treatment. For dealerships this means that you would first have your detailing crew do their thing and all that is left is that annoying smoke odor. The vehicle seating and carpeting has to be completely dry. The vehicle needs to be parked in a shaded area if at all possible. One of the enemies of this system is direct sunlight, especially in the summer. Heat and humidity are other concerns. So we need to find some shade and start cooling the cabin down with the AC. A normal treatment for a vehicle is approximately 45 minutes and your smoke odor will be Just Gone!

For homes and apartments the procedure is basically the same but will take 5-8 hours for the treatment. With more cubic feet to deal with there’s many more areas the smoke permeates to. The Just Gone treatment needs a bit more time to hunt down those cracks and crevices. For homes and apartments with vaulted ceilings, fans are placed in strategic areas to push the treatment up into those areas. Depending on the cubic footage and severity of the smoke odor, the longer the treatment. For smaller apartments with a mild odor for example, the treatment can be completed in about 5 hours. For larger homes with extreme smoke odor the treatment would be closer to 8 hours. Pricing is determined using the amount of space and severity of the smoke odor.

If you are a Realtor looking for a go-to company to help close those listings and are in need of a dependable smoke odor removal service provider in Flint MI and the surrounding areas, call Absolute ProCare today. We can generally respond within 24 hours, including Saturdays. If you have an emergency and it’s Saturday night and you have a showing on Monday morning. You need that smoke odor Just Gone! We can set up a time even on Sunday to take care of the issue.

If you are a car owner and you recently purchased a car and suddenly notice there’s a lingering smoke odor, we can help. If you regularly smoke in your car and are thinking about selling, give us a call. Absolute ProCare’s primary business is Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning so we can help in those areas as well. The smaller space needing to be treated in a vehicle is a simpler procedure compared to a home, but what about a boat or RV? No problem, we can help! Where a normal vehicle treatment only takes about 45 minutes a larger RV might take 3-5 hours. Again it all depends on the amount of space and severity of the smoke odor.

Property Managers and Car Dealers, we offer discounts on repeat service. For example if you are a car dealer and need 3 cars treated. You will receive discounts on 2nd and 3rd vehicle on the same visit. Property Managers of multi-family housing would receive discounts on that 2nd apartment and beyond. Multiple units on the same visit again would receive special discounts. An added bonus is if you are currently using Absolute ProCare for your carpet cleaning/restoration needs, you will receive an even larger discount. We specialize in “saving” carpets that have been previously marked for replacement.

If you are looking for a smoke odor removal service in Flint MI call Absolute ProCare today at (810) 355-2293 or visit us online at For more information about the Just Gone Systems™ please visit