Absolute ProCare is your best choice for your problem of skunk odor removal in Flint Michigan and the surrounding areas. If you are experiencing the terrifying issue of a skunk that has entered your home or business give us a call today at (810) 355-2293. We will respond quickly for a FREE Inspection. In most cases we will be able to treat the issue that same day.

The first step in total skunk odor elimination is to, of course, get rid of the “odor source”. This is true for removal of any type of odor issue, and especially true for such an extreme and unpleasant odor! PLEASE NOTE- We do not handle the physical removal of skunks or any other animals. You’ll have to call Animal Control for that. After the skunk has been removed we will utilize the amazing odor and sanitizing benefits of Chlorine Dioxide or ClO2 as it’s commonly referred to. We would be using both forms to remove your skunk odor issue.

Depending on the severity of the odor as well as the size of the affected area we can completely eliminate the skunk odor in as little as 8 hours, Guaranteed! The whole area will then need to air out for another 24-48 hours to get rid of the chlorine dioxide odor that will slowly dissipate. You’ll notice an odor similar to walking by a swimming pool. Chlorine Dioxide is NOT chlorine, two very different products. ClO2 is completely safe and will not leave any lingering odor after the 1-2 day airing out. ClO2 also will not leave any residue from either the gas or the liquid treatment. The only thing left behind is clean, fresh smelling air.

If you are searching for a Skunk Odor Removal Service in Flint or the surrounding areas call Absolute ProCare today (810) 355-2293. For more detailed information about us and our new Just Gone Systems process please visit the other pages of this website or visit our main website www.absoluteprocare.com.