Absolute ProCare is professional service company that specializes in Complete Odor Removal for your home or business. If you are suffering from a lingering odor that you just cannot get rid of, we can help! We service Flint Michigan and the surrounding areas. If you are located outside of Genesee County, no problem, give us a call.

The most common issue we run into is a home that has a lingering cigarette smoke odor. It doesn’t matter how heavy the smoke odor is, we can remove it! The process takes about 8 hours. What is left when the initial treatment has been completed is a slight chlorine smell, similar to walking by a pool. This is from the Chlorine Dioxide Treatment, or ClO2. This is not to be confused with “chlorine bleach”. These are 2 different products. After the treatment has been completed it generally takes 24-48 hours before the slight pool odor is gone. What is left is clean fresh air.

For a more detailed explanation of what ClO2 is please click here. This pdf is readable right from the website without having to download it. Very soon I’ll be posting the many benefits of ClO2 other than eliminating the smoke odor from your home or business.

ClO2 is completely safe and will leave zero residue. If you are familiar with using ozone for attempting odor removal, this will make ozone obsolete very soon. No more lingering ozone odors. No more taking days instead of hours for the treatment to partially work. Partially is not good enough! The irritating odor needs to be completely eliminated, and that’s what we do.

For more information please call our office (810) 355-2293 and we can answer any questions you might have. If you are looking for Professional Odor Removal in Flint Michigan or the surrounding areas, set up your free appointment with Absolute ProCare today. For more information about the Just Gone System™ visit our home page.