Hello, my name is Wes Benko and I’d like to introduce you to a new division of my company. Absolute ProCare Odor Removal Service in Flint MI, called the Just Gone Systems™. A revolutionary system that Guarantees Complete Odor Removal. This system eliminates all odors in any size automobile, home, apartment and business facility. We are located at 6231 Trenton Dr, Flint MI 48532.

The Just Gone Odor Removal System is available in all of Genesee County as well as the surrounding areas, which include:

  • Flint
  • Flushing
  • Grand Blanc
  • Swartz Creek
  • Davison
  • Fenton
  • Linden
  • Burton
  • Goodrich
  • Clio

We also service all surrounding Counties:

  • Lapeer
  • Livingston
  • Oakland
  • Saginaw
  • Shiawassee
  • Tuscola

If you are located farther away, Detroit for example, give us a call. We will help you with your odor removal issue. It might take a little longer to respond.

I’ve been in the professional carpet and upholstery cleaning business since 1999 and have pretty much tried all of the odor removal products out there. This includes sprays, fogging, canister (bombing), ozone and the list goes on. Ozone is probably the most popular method that is used by odor removal service companies. This method is often ineffective and can take days. Some of the problems associated with ozone are that it can ruin plastics and rubber items. It is also known to leave a strange odor behind in the foam of seat cushions and mattresses. But quite often it simply does not eliminate the entire odors it comes up against.

Enter….Just Gone Systems™! I was so impressed with the results of this system that I decided to add this service to my professional carpet cleaning company. A non-toxic odor removal method that will eliminate the entire odor in 8 hours or less!

Here’s some of the most common odors that we get calls for:

Smoke, urine, curry, dead rodents and animals, skunk, musty basements and mildew. The Just Gone Systems™ will remove any odor you’re having an issue with. Cars and trucks with smoke and other odors can be treated in under one hour and the odor is Just Gone!

Just like a customer calling us for cleaning their auto carpet and seating, this is a mobile service. We come to you! Just give us a call at (810) 355-2293 and we can set up an appointment to visit your home or business. Remember, this treatment can be completed in less than an hour. The foul odors will be taken care of. I guarantee it.

This is great news for Auto Dealers. If you take your customer’s used car on a trade-in, you no longer have to worry when you inspect their car and it reeks of smoke. A lot of dealers use ozone or purchase “bombs” from their suppliers and hope and pray that they can remove the odor. Or if you purchase a lot of your used vehicles at an auction and a particular car or truck looks great, until you inspect the interior and there’s a foul odor! Being disappointed you decide to pass. Not anymore! Give Absolute ProCare, your local Just Gone Systems™ Service Provider a call. You can now be confident that all odors can and will be eliminated….in less than 1 hour!

I recently stopped by a used car lot and talked to the owner. He also rents moving trucks with one of the top truck rental franchises. He recently had a truck returned that he describes as having one of the worst odors he’s come across. He said it smelled like they were picking up dead animals (roadkill) and storing them in the back. Unfortunately this happened a few days before I stopped by to introduce this new service, and he had to pull the truck off his lot and send it elsewhere to have the odor removed. This costs him time and money, a major inconvenience. He knows now that he no longer has to worry about issues like this. Not with the Just Gone Systems Odor Removal Service in his area! Because of the larger size of a moving truck the treatment would take 1-3 hours and the odor will be…Just Gone!

I recently treated my dad’s basement for that common musty mildew smell. He’s got your common “Michigan Basement” or cellar. This basement is used for storage and is where his washer and dryer are located. This treatment took 5 hours and it eliminated the odor. I called him 3 days later to ask him how it smells. He told me there’s a “fresh” smell down there. He’s delighted!

Of course you will always want to get rid of the odor source first. What is causing the odor in your particular situation? In my dad’s case it’s a relatively dry basement but there’s no air flow down there. He has windows but no screens, so he never opens them. Moving forward I’ll be helping him install screens on them so he can open them up periodically to get fresh air down there.

What about a whole house that reeks of smoke either from heavy smokers or smoke damage from a fire? After a complete and thorough washing of everything, we can treat your home to eliminate all smoke odors generally in 8 hours. Sometimes in extreme cases such as smoke from a fire, a 2nd treatment may be needed. The smoke odor will be totally eliminated, for good! This is not a masking agent. It will eliminate the odor entirely!

Is it safe? The simple answer is, completely. The Just Gone System™ is a professional method that uses chlorine dioxide with a special delivery system. Chlorine Dioxide, or CLO2, is not chlorine bleach. CLO2 in smaller doses is used to purify water. Soldiers in our great military are given CLO2 tablets to carry with them in the field to purify their drinking water. CLO2 is used in grocery stores to spray their vegetables in the produce department to keep them fresh.

CLO2 can also eliminate airborne viruses. Very soon we will be offering a store on our website at www.getridoftheodor.com where we will be offering a product called Air Fresh 101. Doctor’s offices, daycare centers, gyms etc. are using this product to eliminate not only odors but also cut down on viruses that pop up from time to time, like influenza. That’s right! If your facility has the Flu virus going around and you’re worried how this common virus spreads, you can be assured of it in the public working environment. This item will be for sale to the general public soon. And we’re just getting started! Many more products will be available soon that will simply amaze you.

Have an odor issue? You owe it to yourself to give Absolute ProCare’s Odor Removal Service in Flint MI a call (810) 355-2293. Your odor problems will be Just Gone! For more information please click on the link above or visit www.absoluteprocare.com.